Friday, 30 October 2009

And now time for a round up

Today I handed in my first essay of my post-grad career. It's OK, nothing outstanding and will (hopefully) do well enough to pass me and no more. My energy levels feel zapped and nothing seems to lift them.

Last night I went to the Glasgow's NaNoWriMo kick off party night. Due to my own stupidity I thought it started at 6pm and was wondering around looking for potential writers. Turns out, it started at 7.30pm, the time I had arranged to meet Him Indoors for a romantic meal at China Buffet King. After meeting some other NaNos I politely made my excuses and left.

My writing class this week was *ahem* interesting. I took offence to someone using rape imagery in their assignment and no-one agreed with me, in public anyway. Of course someone has the right artistic freedom but they don't need to be so smug about it. Interestingly, my poem received different interpretations from the age groups in the class. It's a poem aimed at Remembrance Day and about letters being censored from the front line. Older members of the class got that. Some of the younger members thought it was someone reading letter revealing someone was having an affair. Was very puzzled by that but appreciated the criticism. So I have re-written parts of the poem which I will also post here. At some point. If only you could scan a notepad into the computer and it would automatically convert it into Word.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Yes I am Insane

Yes, in the year I am doing my MSc, ya know something kind of important, I have decided to try and write a 50, 000 word novel in one month. In the same month that I have a cataloguing placement with a possible 2 hour commute each way, 2 essays to hand in and a creative writing class to do battle with as well.

I have a vague plotline in my head involving Soviets, zombies, oven gloves, hockey sticks and other useful tangents to explore. And now I need to go and get some sleep so I can edit my 1st essay due in on Friday. And possible find out a way to steal some strong drugs that will allow me to work 24 hour days during November.