Thursday, 5 April 2007

Feminism is Sin

Apparently I am a whore AND a child of Satan because I am a feminist. This man seems to completely disregard the fact that some women (like myself) take the Pill due to problems with our menstrual cycle. Oh and I am a deranged, depraved, sodomite as well. I love how he categorises feminism along with murder. This man's views are so similar to the views of men from the mediaeval period I was studying last semester at university. As the second video I posted conveys, the Bible is about individual interpretation. It is frightening such views still exist today. Feminism is not evil because we are children of a non existent entity. Feminism is there because we live in a patriarchal society that favours men.

It is 2am and I need sleep.

Another quick aside before I go, this man does not appear to be up on feminist thought. I recently posted about shaving on a feminist message board and the majority of feminist thought is about having the right NOT to shave.

The second video calmed me down somewhat :-)


CB Buckland said...

Man shooting from clocktower stuff.

God made and owns all things but has nothing to do with the way the world is? Women "who shave"? "Children of the Devil"? Women made for men to serve men? What?

I'd agree, this is truly terrifying that people actually still speak and think like this. The internet is a whole new soapbox for them. There is a wee section in Corinthians that seems to mention the "women made for men" thing, but the Bible is designed around keeping society conforming to those ideals. The one positive is that these types of people are in the minority now. A small minority that advises the United States administration but I guess that's a whole other issue...

Mad stuff though Laura, cheers for putting it up.

Tom said...

Hey Laura, I wouldn't get too upset by it. I think these people are ill in the mind and to prove it, just listen to him again and in your mind change the words "God" and "Jesus" to Napoleon, Elvis or some other popular delusion :D

tommy_blue_eyes said...

My my another interesting interpretation of the 'Good' book. Say what you want about the man but he must get at least 8 out of 10 for creativity! 'A rollercoaster of sexist and fundementalist tales laced with the wonders of misogamy', personally I think he should publish a novel! Once again it is proven that Religion is for fools and for the desperate.