Friday, 14 September 2007

"Old age. It's the only disease...that you don't look forward to being cured of. "

It's somewhat appropriate I am posting this today. This evening I am going to a 90th birthday dinner for my Great-Aunt. She still lives in her own home and is going strong for entering her ninth decade. To kill time I was browsing on You Tube for some music videos and I came across some clips from Young at Heart . This documentary was repeated on UK television during the summer and I accidentally bumped into it whilst channel hopping. I was intrigued by the topic. Most members of this choir are in their 80s yet still give unique performances of modern classics such as Schizophrenic
by Sonic Youth and the above performance of Fix You by Coldplay. One gent (I forget his name) was in his late 80s but was an enthusiastic mountain biker whilst another guy was proud to have an active sex life and claimed that was the secret behind a long life.

The documentary played on my heart strings. Fix You was originally meant to be a duet but the second performer died a few weeks before the concert. Other times, the choir gave a performance at a local prison and it was heart warming to see big tough guys with tattoos crying during some of the more ironic songs.

As the title of my entry says, old age is one disease few of us can escape from. But at least you can go out in style.

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