Sunday, 22 April 2012

Readathon: Hour 24

Here we are then, at the end of the readathon. I finished The Tenderness of Wolves just before 23:00 which left me a bit unsure about starting a new book. I decided to tackle another feminism book The Equality Illusion by Kat Baynard. I'm a little bit jealous of Baynard who wrote this feminist call to arms in 2010, when she was only 25. Kat interviewed hundreds of women from a range of backgrounds and she includes some of their stories in this book. Some of it brought back hideous memories, such as the chapter discussing sexual harassment women face from high school right into the their workplaces as adults. There's something not right in a world when a young woman can expect to be paid less than a male colleague for doing the exact same job.

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to finish The Equality Illusion but something tells me that I'll be returning to it quite soon.

To end, let's have some lovely stats:

Tamburlaine Must Die - Louise Welsh 149 pages

Sexual Politics - Kate Millet 108 pages (did not finish)

Woman on the Edge of Time - Marge Piercy 378 pages

Red Dust Road - Jackie Kay 288 pages

The Tenderness of Wolves - Stef Penney 450 pages

The Equality Illusion - Kat Baynard 102 pages (did not finish)

comes to the grand total of 1475 pages read since the readathon started.

When you put it like that, I think I deserve to go to bed. Good luck to all those still taking part. Remember, lots of snacks and micronaps are the way to go.


Jenn and The Cats of Castle Coull said...

That's quite an impressive total! Hope the RAT was great for you.

Team Polonius

Ellie Warren said...

Wow you got through a lot of books. Well done and hope you enjoy your well deserved sleep.

(Female) Opinionated Reader said...

Hi Jenn,

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a good time during the readathon too. I'm a bit sad it's all over!

(Female) Opinionated Reader said...

Hi Ellie,

My secret weapon is that the typeface was rather big ;) Hope you had a good time on the readathon. Thanks for stopping by.

lifenowi'mretired said...

So....what's the point of a readathon?

(Female) Opinionated Reader said...

A readathon does what it says on the tin. You can read through my posts to get one perspective on what happens during a readathon.