Wednesday, 2 January 2013

List of 2013 Goals

Here is a full list of my goals for 2013, grouped together by category and in order of priority. I used the system outlined in Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracey, where tasks are assigned to an ABC category depending on their importance. A tasks are deemed the most important and goes down to D which means a task can be delegated. For obvious reasons, I've only adopted the ABC method for my goals.


Treat writing as a second job - A
Complete the Artists Way program - B1
Make and distribute a zine - B2
Work on my writing portfolio - B3


Enter and complete a 10k - A
Commit to running three times a week - B

Self Improvement 

Update my 2013 Progress Journal on a daily basis - A
Have one Internet free day a week - B

You can read more about the reasons behind my goals by visiting this post: Baby steps in 2013.

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