Thursday, 12 March 2009

Welcome to the real world. It sucks!

Holy beejesus, where did the last two months ago? One reason behind my silence was Him Indoors has not been in terribly good health and was admitted to hospital. It almost got to the stage we were considering having his post forwarded to the ward he was on. I went through a reading slump and knew that did not bode well. Some people stop eating when they're stressed out or each too much. Me? I stop reading. This problem has been resolved but it depressed me when I realised I had been reading the same book for two months.

Other news, my journey towards becoming an archivist reached another level (not as exciting as it sounds). I was awarded a place on the course, on the spot. My interview was on my birthday so that was a nice present. Then I went to have lunch with the Mothership and drank a lot of wine. Father turned up with a birthday cake and pretended to be a jakey looking for spare change when I buzzed him into the flat. And now I'm edging towards my quarter life crisis faster than I would like.

There might be some writing in the pipeline. Proper writing with characters and shitz. Got some ideas whizzing about the old grey matter. The thing is, some stuff I produced was pretty good (if I say so myself). And now I'm scared I've lost that talent. Shall keep you posted.

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Mark Buckland said...

Don't worry about the grey matter. And love to Col, hope he's getting better.