Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Swine/Pig/Talking out the hole of yer arse Flu

I, for one, have been getting peed off with the latest disease outbreak. The news is whipping everyone into a frenzy over something that wouldn't have turned heads if it was merely another bout of run-of-the-mill-flu. And this is coming from someone who lives with a reasonably radius of where the first cases were confirmed in the UK.

The situation was made even more ridiculous by the BBC News (shame on them for adding to this fire). In passing I caught a section of the six o'clock news in which they were interviewing a potential pig flu sufferer. Via a fucking mobile phone and filming him leaning out his window. That's not going to fuel panic is it?

Not belittling people who have died but 149152 people have died in Mexico. Out of an estimated population of 103 million. Plus only 20 of these 152 deaths have been confirmed swine flu cases. In 2007, 2.1 million people died from AIDs. Currently, 33.2million people are living with the condition. Remember the mass panic about AIDs?

Clicky here to see what I mean.

Of course, I could post next week saying I was all wrong and I'm watching Survivors for tips.

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zuffa said...

is the arse flu. you talk about real. i have had a real sore arse lately do you think i have picked it up?