Friday, 15 January 2010


And so another semester commences. Due to the nature of the course I am doing (MSc Information Management and Preservation, thanks for asking), the class has been split into those following the Theory route and those who are doing the Digital strand. I am firmly in the Digital camp; purely because I couldn't cope with another semester of reading about what I'm meant to be doing. Also I have never really written reports or embarked on a formal project; something I think I need to experience before I venture into the working world. The Digital strand is assessed via two projects and two reports.

So far the classes have been interesting. They are a hybrid of I.T. and archival theory; strange bedfellows. Yesterday's pratical session involved basic elements of appraisal, document handling, all the stuff I learnt whilst on various pre-course placements. We share the class with some I.T. students and some of them looked so bemused, bless 'em. Some of the language triggered ten year old high school computing classes such as DPI, 8 bit, 600 resolution. Nice to realise I have forgotten all that. And I'm learning similar stuff that I was learning ten years ago. That's a bit scary and makes me feel I haven't moved on terribly much.

So that's where I am at the moment. How are you guys?

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