Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday Salon: What to Read?

The Sunday

As some may notice I have been floating around other book blogs the past week. Partly due to course work avoidance. Partly due to looming 'no job post-qualification' which means I need a project to keep me going through unemployment.

Unfortunately nearly every blog I read has books on it I want to read. Two problems arise. One: a majority of the blogs I have found are American-centric. No disrespect to fellow readers on the other side of the pond but their book supplies seem a lot richer. My lack of funds means I am relying on the local library. Well *ahem* technically I still have access to the library near where I used to live which is part of another local authority. So I have access to two sources of books. Yet most books supplied by these bodies are UK-centric. It makes sense, of course. Library users in the UK are more likely to borrow books from writers known in the UK.

E-books are an option. That brings me to Two: Money. Again, with low lack of funds, buying books is something I'd like to avoid. With a looming Mount TBR I really should be tackling that instead of moping about books I can't borrow from either of my local libraries. But it is so tempting when I go into the library and see lots of books smiling back at me (not literally of course, that would be a bit weird!). Or read some fantastic reviews on a book blog.

For those who read many book blogs: how do you decide what to read? How much are you influenced by your fellow bloggers' reviews? Do you access your existing resources, such as a local library? Is there a magic book fairy that leaves you books under your pillow at night? Or kind relatives who supply you with book tokens on birthdays and other celebratory occasions?

Finally, I have not been reading as much as I'd like this week. My sleep patterns are a bit out of kilter. When that happens, I stop reading in bed to help kick start my routine again. There are other things I give up, such as no TV or Internet an hour before bed, but I really dislike giving up reading in my lovely, cosy bed.

Yesterday I gorged myself on the fantastic The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. It's a fabulous YA series and has been touted by Ms as a great feminist book for teen girls. I was going to write a review under this post but I don't think I can do it justice at the moment. Because tomorrow, a deadline is a-looming and I still need to finish off two reports. That's what I get for reading instead of studying.

Despite the attempts by a mad, bad, volcano it is a lovely day here. Blue sky, lots of cheerful looking white clouds. Before I knuckle down to work, I shall be taking a short walk to pick up Sunday rolls and some newspapers for tonight's entertainment.


Anonymous said...

You might find BookMooch a viable source for book acquisition - particularly for US titles. It'd also let you get rid of what you've read. You'd need to pay postage (2nd class/surface) but it's still cheaper than Amazon. It also adds a rather nice element of chance to the books one receives/reads.

readerbuzz said...

I keep a running list of books I want to read at Amazon. Now and then, I do searches at my local libraries and see if I can find some of these. If I am very desperate, I try paperbackswap or bookmooch or bookcrossing, or, at the height of desperation, I buy a few.

Eva said...

I'm lucky; my library has a great collection, and I can get my hands on most books that sound interesting through ILL if nothing else. My problem arises when British or Canadian bloggers review marvelous sounding books that haven't been released in the US yet! ;) But this year, I'm trying to read more older books anyway, so that helps.

(Female) Opinionated Reader said...

@notjustlaura - I may toy with BookMooch. Although the attraction with the library books is know that they're just a temporary fixture. When they leave the house, there might not be a replacement on its way ;)

@readerbuzz - I might start keeping a list on Google docs. The danger of keeping such a list on Amazon may mean I am tempted to start buying books. Vicious circle!

@Eva - I'm glad this feeling occurs on the other side of the pond as well ;)